Christian Bosembe warns: if the RTNC slips, it too will be sanctioned (video)

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During a recent media outing, the president of the Higher Council of Audiovisual and Communication, Master Christian Bosembe declared that the institution he heads wants fairness in the taking of sanctions against the media which slip.

For Christian Bosembe, even the national television channel, RTNC will not be spared if it broadcasts prohibited content.

“You send a message of hatred on television, you will be punished. Whether you are a private or public media. Besides, for public media, it will be even more severe.” he declared on the microphone of Florida Zantoto.

And to add:

“I told the DG of RTNC that there are lines that we will not cross. And so far, it’s true that there are small slip-ups linked to men, because we are human, it can happen but never slip-ups as serious as that (to lead to the signal being cut off. Editor’s note) »

Video: Bosembe against Zantoto (French)

Video credit: ZTV

Note that Christian Bosembe was appointed as a member of the High Council for Audiovisual and Communication by presidential order of November 15, 2022.

He was then elected by his peers.

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