DRC: Face to face with the military, this 13-year-old prophet predicts the death of Congo’s traitors in the army and among politicians

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During the military parade led this Monday, April 15, 2024 by FARDC Chief of General Staff Christian Tshiwewe, the floor was given to a young prophet named Joshua to address the various officers gathered for the occasion.

I just received a servant of God, the prophet Joshua. A 13-year-old child I don’t know. I don’t know his surname or his parents. He comes from Kalemie, via Goma and Kisangani. This child is a child in age but an adult in the things that come out of his mouth. I’m a Christian, the supreme commander is a Christian, so I didn’t see any harm in him speaking to us today,” said General Christian Tshiwewe before giving him the floor.

During his speech, the young prophet Joshua offered some advice to the military  commanded by President Félix Tshisekedi.

With regard to rebellion or betrayal of the nation, this young prophet predicted that strong punishments from God will fall on any Congolese who betrays the nation to a foreign power, including the President of the Republic himself.

“Any senior army officer, any soldier, any state agent whatever his rank, who is going to betray the country and serve a foreign country, God is going to kill him. Even if it’s the President of the Republic, God won’t spare anyone,” he told the FARDC.

Note that the DRC has been fighting a series of battles against rebels   in the eastern part of its territory for three decades. Many observers and geopolitical analysts claim that these various rebellions are aimed at the Balkanization of the DRC, and benefit from the complicity of certain Congolese.


In recent months, a number of political and military figures have chosen to take up arms and ally themselves with the foreign forces coveting the Congolese subsoil.

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