Incredible: When Penielle Nsamba publicly congratulates Ruth Misamu on the birth of her baby

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Ruth Misamu and Manix Tshimpuki  have just welcomed the birth of their very first baby, after two years and a few months of marriage.

The news brings joy to the fans of the artist Ruth Misamu, those of her late mother Marie Misamu but above all the joy of  the entire Congolese community.

Penielle Nsamba, ex-wife of artist Mike Kalambay, also did not hold back from sending her congratulations to the mother of the couple’s baby Tshimpuki.

Barely an hour after the video of Ruth Misamu announcing the birth of her boy was posted on Instagram, Penielle Nsamba wrote without hesitation: “Congratulations my darling, welcome to motherhood”.

This reaction arouses the astonishment of Internet users who undoubtedly remember serious allegations very recently made by Penielle Nsamba on Marie Misamu, late mother of Ruth Misamu, accusing her of having had adulterous relations with Mike Kalambay, while they were still married.

In reaction to Penielle Nsamba’s accusations, Ruth Misamu expressed her dissatisfaction via a story on Instagram.

“My mother endured enough hardships in her lifetime, she never had anyone to defend her against your allegations on her behalf, the woman cried out to God over and over for someone to defend her and stands by her because she felt alone, even in her death, the allegations continue to arise without proof, I know a lot too but do not speak and her name must not be mentioned,” she had written, undoubtedly, a few days before her delivery.

Several of Ruth Misamu’s followers reacted negatively by responding to the comments   by Penielle Nsamba.

However, Ruth Misamu has not said a word yet.

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