DRC: Pastor Marcello Tunasi asks forgiveness from the Congolese people (video)

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During a recent preaching at the Compassion Church temple, Pastor Marcello Tunasi challenged the Congolese people on the role that everyone must play for the development of the country.

According to a video sequence extracted from this sermon and consulted by the editorial staff of Brothermyephre.com, this famous man of the church insisted on the fact that the country does not develop through prayer but through work.

God blesses through work, the country does not develop through prayer but through work. I repeat: Congo, the country  develops through work, not through prayer. The church who only prays and whose country does not develop is the opium of the people and such churches will kill the country. It’s putting people to sleep»  he insisted.

And added: “A nation like this with all these Christians, this wealth, we are poor, because we pray badly, we only pray, pray, pray< /em>»

Faced with this blatant indifference of Congolese Christians to the challenges of their country’s development, Reverend Tunasi recognized that a large part of the responsibility lies with Congolese men of the church.

Crédit vidéo : COMPASSION TV

From the pulpit, the man of God humbly asked forgiveness from the faithful of his church in the name of all the pastors of Congo.

May God forgive us,  It’s not your fault, it’s the fault of us preachers. I ask forgiveness for all the preachers in Congo. We change, we start something else” he said.

According to statistics from several credible sources, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 90% of the population is Christian.

However, the country is plagued by ills such as corruption, low GDP and a largely extroverted economy.

The advent of a new regime in 2019 has allowed the country to triple its budget over the last 5 years but the country of Marcello Tunasi still has to make efforts, and it goes without saying that this requires the participation of all its worthy son.

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