Video: “Things aren’t going to change suddenly, as soon as I arrive, but in unity, we’ll get there and we’ll go very far” Judith Suminwa to UDPS militants

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24 hours after her appointment as head of the central government, Mrs. Judith Suminwa went to the headquarters of her political party, the UDPS, to communicate with the grassroots.

In her speech, she called on her comrades to unite and believe in the advent of real change.

Things aren’t going to change abruptly, as soon as I arrive, but in unity, we’re going to get there and we’re going to go a long way ,” she declared.

Video: Judith Suminwa Tuluka at the UDPS

Video credit: Images droits tiers

Mrs. Suminwa was appointed Prime Minister on Monday by presidential decree.
She is the first woman in the country’s history to hold this high office.

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