Tshopo: 4 dead following a train accident

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The derailment of a train this Wednesday, April 10 on the Kisangani-Ubundu road cost the lives of 4 people.

Local sources indicate that this derailment is due to the dilapidated state of the railway, which dates from the colonial era.

« Without the railway, Ubundu, and even Maniema, will not exist. Motorcycles on the road are too expensive. On the Waniarukula side, there are too many shipwrecks. Ubundu now has a serious problem. We no longer know how to get in touch with Kisangani or even how will the people of Kindu get supplies? » said Verdoth Yamulamba, Ubundu territory administrator.

And to continue:

“The Kisangani-Ubundu road has been impassable for several months. Added to this is insecurity due to conflicts between communities along the road. The waterway, which is not navigable, records several shipwrecks. The railway remains to this day the only route which connects the territory of Ubundu and the city of Kisangani.

Note that the province of Tshopo is connected to that  from Maniema by rail. It is through this railway that the two provinces are supplied with essential products.

The competent authorities are called upon to look into this issue.

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