Spokesperson for the opposition in the DRC: a duel between Constant Mutamba and Moïse Katumbi?

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The Democratic Republic of Congo has just started the fourth legislature since the entry into force of its 2006 constitution.

The electoral campaign of last December confronted the government and some opposition forces which also clashed, sometimes,  among themselves.

While the outgoing power has managed to re-establish itself for the next 5 years, the opponents will have to organize around a spokesperson to provide a real counterweight to the Tshisekedi regime.

However, speaking the same language remains a challenge.

If Moïse Katumbi, the best loser in the presidential election against Félix Tshisekedi, has not yet clearly expressed his claims for this position, his supporters believe that the role of opposition spokesperson is his rightful place.

The opponent Constant Mutamba who seems  also covet this position, don’t plan to let it happen.

Yesterday, they resigned from the outgoing Government and refused to share the results of the USN; they called for the results of the December 2023 elections to be annulled; they boycotted the inaugural plenary of the Assembly. National.  Curiously today, 3 months later, they are demanding positions in the Government, in the Office of the Ass. Nationale and the opposition spokesperson; They congratulate the Prime Minister appointed by the President whose election they are contesting. Who are they ? Inconsistent, opportunists or strategists?” he attacked the camp of Moïse Katumbi, on X (formerly Twitter).

Until then, it’s a duel  between Constant Mutamba and Moïse  Katumbi. Other notable opponents such as Martin Fayulu, Théodore Ngoy have not yet expressed their interest in this position.

The coming days will be very decisive.

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